Creative Edits?

Between losing two more members of my extended family to COVID-19, as well as a host of other problems, I have not found the will to shoot anything. The last two weeks have been overly hard on a person, and there is no end in sight.

From my depression came a desire to edit some of my photos. That is what I am sharing with you this week. I do hope you enjoy them.

Each photo is in the shop if you would like to buy a copy.

Category: Nov/Dec – Zip It Zimmerman


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My name is Steven Zimmerman, and for just over thirty-five I’ve worked in radio, newspapers, and television. Still, photojournalism runs through my veins. However, over the last year, I’ve decided to shift my focus from negative to positive, uplifting, artistic photography.

Ik ben een fotograaf. Ik ben ook een verslaggever in mijn herstel. Uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon een man met een camera en geen talent. Reporter in recovery.

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